What is Wavemaker?

Wavemaker is the delivery and implementation of a three year programme funded by Comic Relief and Nominet Trust.

Our focus is on creating a space where designers, makers, learners and experts in North Staffordshire can come together in a cohesive way. Utilising learning materials and creative projects, we aim to offer a fun and valuable experience for all members of the community.

We hope that bringing people together from various backgrounds, skillsets and expertise will help us move forward and increase opportunities for the people of Stoke-on-Trent.

Stoke-on-Trent is an area in need of improvement and rejuvenation, and we’re looking to local citizens to help us do that.

We aim to address a range of problems, both in locally and further afield.

These include:

 - the gap in digital skills of young people, and specifically transferable skills for the future.

 - lack of opportunities for young people to access resources and equipment, including high-quality digital spaces.

 - lack of opportunity to share skills and knowledge between professionals and budding learners/makers.


Get involved

We want you to get involved with the Wavemaker project. No matter your needs, you will have some part to play and we’re eager to work with you. Whether you want to learn something new or just want a space to develop and work on your own projects, come speak to us and see what opportunities await.

Remember, we want to have a space where learners can mix with makers and experts. The environment will be one filled with questions, problem solving, deconstructing and rebuilding, and in turn will help develop a variety of transferable skills.

We have three main categories we feel you’ll fit into. Each one leads onto the other and it may be that you don’t fall into just one. Where do you fit?



You have an interest in tinkering, making and learning new skills. When faced with a problem you have no issues watching how-to videos and swapping tips on your favorite forums. While you may not consider yourself a ‘maker’ just yet, you’ve always found value in craftsmanship and feel compelled to understand the emerging digital tools you use everyday.


You’ve got making skills and are good working with your hands. You have your own ideas and although may not initially have the skills to action your plans you have no problems finding the information and learning what is required. You understand multiple failures are an essential part of creating anything worthwhile and know what’s involved in scaling up a product for manufacture or distribution.


You’ve been there – done that but still have more to give. You’re knowledgeable in your area and feel comfortable sharing that with others. You have an ability for explaining things and take great pleasure from in helping others and watching both them and their projects grow. You’re particularly interested in finding digital resources that can show how subjects like science, math and design can be brought to life in creative applications that make everyday life better (and more fun).

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Access to equipment, tools and software

Whether the 3D printer or laser cutter, gain access to whatever you need to prototype your design.

Access online maker materials and community

Access and contribute to our online maker materials and resources. Share your projects and inspire others.

Free or discounted entry to classes and events

Get first refusal to sign up to Wavemaker events which you’ll either get access to for free or a discounted rate.

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