About us

Our mission is to inspire and support makers, artists and entrepreneurs and in turn grow communities and businesses in Stoke-on-Trent and beyond.

What we do

Provide access to a variety of making and prototyping tools and equipment, such as laser cutters and 3D printers.

Host classes, talks and meetups, to inspire, teach and connect people.

Work with schools and organisations through our outreach programme to teach new skills, in and around the areas of STEAM, inspiring the next generation.

Work with businesses, providing our services and creating links for growth and education.

Get Involved

Wavemaker is a new community of emerging makers, artists, entrepreneurs and businesses.

We want you to get involved with Wavemaker. No matter your needs or skillset, you will have some part to play and we’re eager to work with you.

Whether you want to learn something new or just want a space to develop and work on your own projects, come speak to us and see what opportunities await.

Alternatively, if you want to share knowledge, ideas and movements but need an outlet to do so then get in touch. We facilitate talks, meetups and networking events and can help spread your message.

A little more about Wavemaker

In 2015 Wavemaker successfully received funding from the Robbie Williams Give it Sum Fund (through Comic Relief) and the Nominet Trust.

Our focus has been on creating a space where designers, makers, learners and experts in North Staffordshire can come together in a cohesive way. By developing exciting learning materials and creative projects, we offer a fun and valuable experience for all members of the community.

We hope that bringing people together from various backgrounds, skillsets and expertise will help us move forward and increase opportunities for the people of Stoke-on-Trent.

Stoke-on-Trent is an area in need of improvement and rejuvenation, and we’re looking to local citizens to help us do that.
We aim to address a range of problems, both in locally and further afield.

These include:

the gap in digital skills of young people, and specifically transferable skills for the future.

lack of opportunities for young people to access resources and equipment, including high-quality digital spaces.

lack of opportunity to share skills and knowledge between professionals and budding learners/makers.


Wavemaker Stoke
Mitchell Arts Centre


Our facility is open Monday to Friday 10:00 to 17:00.

We open Tuesday evenings for classes. Our facilities are also available on Saturdays by booking only.


01782 694027