Who is Wavemaker for?

Wavemaker has something for everyone! We work with individuals, educational establishments, community organisations, and businesses.

Can I just pop call in?

Yes, if you’re passing and want to find out more then please feel free to pop in. However, we may not always be available to talk if we’re running a workshop or assisting a maker. We always recommend contacting us first either by phone on 01782 69 40 27 or email on info@wavemaker.org.uk to arrange an appointment.

What equipment do you have?

We have an array of equipment from a laser cutter and 3D printer, to sewing machines and hand tools. Check out the facility overview page to see a full list.

Do you offer hot desking facilities?

Yes, we have a limited number of hot-desking spaces available for startups and entrepreneurs. Get in touch to arrange a meeting to see if you qualify.

Can I commission Wavemaker to make something for me?

Yes you can. Contact us to discuss what you need.