Our fantastic outreach programme is designed to cover a wide range of STEAM topics, delivered with a focus on encouraging independent design, fun and creativity. We try to combine both emerging and traditional technologies in a way that is engaging and accessible to all learners. Our aim is to introduce children and young people in Stoke-on-Trent to new ideas, raise aspirations and improve the self-belief in the designers, makers and engineers of the future.

Maker Workshops

Our standalone workshops are great for embedding digital design skills which are of an ever-growing need in the modern world. Concept, design and make all within the 2 hour session, using a variety of equipment.

Laser Cutting

An introduction to the laser cutter and designing using Adobe Illustrator. We cover everything needed to get making, from design to the processes of transferring a design to the cutter.

Vinyl Cutting

An introduction to the Adobe Illustrator software, the processes involved when transferring a design to the cutter, and post processing such as weeding and application.

3D Printing

The processes behind 3D printing demystified, showcasing how 3D design works and exploring the future benefits of this exciting technology.

Custom Garments

Create your own custom T-Shirt! We cover everything needed to get making your own fashion line.

Jewellery Making

Laser cut bespoke rings, necklaces and earrings! Accessible to everyone, imagination is the only limitation.

Electro Fashion

Conductive thread, ultra thin sewable LEDs and no soldering needed! We see bright things ahead.

Digital Textile & Fashion

We love combining our passion for technology with fashion. These creative workshops will promote the development of new and existing skills. We hope to inspire amazing designers of the future.


A fun and vibrant way to teach children what is possible using code.

Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pis are credit card sized mini computers. Students learn how to set these up and then how to code their Pi to perform different actions.

Sonic Pi

Sonic Pi is live music coding software that teaches students the basics of Ruby coding to produce amazing and creative pieces of music.


With the Micro:Bit now available to students in mainstream schools, our workshops offer people an opportunity to learn, code and interact with the Micro:Bit through a series of tasks and projects.

Learn to code

Anyone can learn to code. In a few hours, our introductory workshops help embed coding fundamentals, cementing the path to progress further.

Coding by gaming

Learning code whilst gaming is a fantastic way to engage and embed key coding skills, whilst having fun.

Code Combat

This is a platform for students to learn computer science and coding while playing through a real game.


Minecraft is extremely popular and also a great learning aid. Using a safe and secure hosted Minecraft world, students work independently or together to engineer, build and create structures in Minecraft.

STEAM Explorers

Wavemaker’s STEAM Explorers is a series of workshops delving into construction, 3D design, and coding. We’ll bring everything needed, from activity sets and challenges, to our 3D printer… all of which allow your students to discover, innovate and learn.

Students will move through different workstations, working together with limited time, to problem solve and focus on completing each challenge successfully.

Dynamic, lively and engaging way to introduce your students to STEAM and the prospect of a future career within these key industries.

Active, fun and positive way to introduce your students to the world of STEAM, in one exciting yet compact workshop.

Suggested time for outreach is 2 hours with a short break in between, this can be made shorter or longer depending on what is required.

Activities can be developed into project led schemes of work that focus on exploring one specific area over a series of sessions.

All sessions are aimed at children and young people aged 10 – 18 years. Please be aware that activities involving software can be complex in its processes and therefore better suited for older students.

Prices for each session or project package are available on request. Please contact via email info@wavemaker.org.uk or call 01782 694 027.