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Laser Cutting

Wavemaker has a 60 watt CO2 laser cutter and engraver. The working area (bed size) is 600mm x 400mm. It can be used to cut, etch and engrave a wide variety of materials such as wood, ply, MDF, acrylic (cast and extruded), fabrics & leather, and card. Slate, stone and other various materials can be etched, but please be aware that these may have to be tested before a job can be run off.

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Wether you know what you want and have the design files, or just have an idea and need help creating what you need, Wavemaker’s team can help.

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3D Printing

Wavemaker’s 3D printer is a MakerBot Replicator Desktop 5th Generation. It prints PLA (biodegradable thermoplastic derived from corn starch or sugarcane) which is ideal for prototyping and model making.

The build volume is 25.2 x 19.9 x 15 cm (W x D x H).

You will need to save your 3D design as an STL file so it can be prepared for the MakerBot.
Alternatively, email over your STL file and we can prepare it for you.

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Once you have your 3D design, please export it as an STL and send it over to us, stating your preferred colour of material . We will run it through a virtual print to get an estimated time and will get back to you with a quote.

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Vinyl Cutting

Wavemaker’s vinyl cutter has a 720mm aperture and is capable of cutting rolls of vinyl up to 600mm wide. It’s perfect for cutting vinyl suitable for signage, window decals, and garments amongst other things.

Further to cutting, the blade can be replaced with a pen or marker, allowing us to plot text and illustrations onto rolls of paper.

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Whether you have a design file ready to go, or just an idea that you’d like to discuss, get in touch and the Wavemaker team can help.

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Design Briefs

Wavemaker’s Design Briefs bridge the gap between business and education. Working alongside schools, colleges and other organisations, design briefs give real world experience for the artists, makers and entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

Products created are available to you free of charge, you only need to pay for expenses and material costs (if applicable).
We liaise with a variety of groups and students studying a wide variety of creative subjects such as Creative Media, TV & Film, Music Technology, Product Design, Computer Science, Digital Games Design and more.

Offering available

  • Logos, flyers and advertising posters
  • Video production (e.g. ident, short videos, YouTube commercial)
  • Website design
  • Original music (e.g. backing music or ad jingle)
  • Bespoke creative solutions
  • Merchandise prototyping and production
  • Custom decals and signage

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If you feel the Wavemaker Design Brief programme has the potential to meet your needs then please do get in touch to discuss it further.